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veggie tales (day 5)

yummy spring salad:

spring mix and baby spinach
1/2 apple, sliced thin
blue cheese crumbles
your favorite dressing

it's been a fairly easy transition to a meat free lifestyle. much easier than i thought it would be. to eat with intention has been an interesting shift. it feels different than to diet. less constrained and certainly more empowering. it has felt good to honor myself in this way, and i've actually enjoyed staying off the meat.

i've noticed some subtle shifts. i'm more sensitive to the coffee i drink. i can feel cravings for good things like water and spinach. i'm not focused on what i want to eat and only think about it when i am hungry. i can feel when i'm full and feel less desiring of comfort from eating and filling up with food. i'm feeling full from other things in my life :)

tomorrow i planned to start my cleanse, but i forgot i will be away at a food filled event most the day. so i have decided to not stress myselft about it, and wait one extra day to begin the next phase. i'll continue on my veggie way tomorrow, and plan for an even cleaner approach to nourishing myself come sunday.

so far, so good!