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the (un)glamorous life

this is the scene yesterday from my studio. it's overflowing with my art goodies, wish*full retreat packages, things for the baby, and lots of lists, papers, and things to do. this is quite often how i spend my creative time... amidst the messiness and the excitement of everything swirling around me.

the new website is coming along. it's taking a bit longer than planned and i've decided to just let it go and have faith in the process. bringing this project to fruition feels similar to birthing a child into the world... you want to control every aspect, but you simply can't. you can only try for the best outcome, and then the universe takes over :)

it was unusually hot, summer-like weather which cast a hectic and strange spell on the day. the baby was off schedule, big brother was not quite himself, and bedtime came hours past due. it was a makeshift day from beginning to end, so we put together the pieces as we went. within the chaos we still found joy and somehow it all worked out.

yes. it will all work out.