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creativity and connection in D.C.

kim, kimberly, rachel, michelle & joanna with thier finished masterpieces last night’s workshop was truly delightful. i spent the evening with five fabulous creative women sipping pink champagne, making collaborative art, eating pink frosted treats, and laughing amidst paint, paper, and kimberly’s curious (and hungry) kitty, bonnard. thanks to all the gals who came out to share this evening with me and made the event so much fun! you all filled me up with inspiration and creative love. each of us began our own mixed media piece which was then sent around the circle on a little creative journey. as we all got the opportunity to work on each other’s canvases, we had the opportunity to stretch outside of our own creative box by seeing art from someone else’s perspective, trying out new and fun techniques, and sharing the creative process in a fun and lighthearted way. it was a really wonderful way to spend a beautiful spring evening! special thanks to kimberly for being su

releasing clutter: letting go to find yourself

this topic is near and dear to me right now as i make room for a new addition to our family. deciding what i really need and what really is resonating with me right now, pushes me to think about who i am in this present moment. so much of my clutter represents a past that is no longer relevant (like my size 7 jeans – okay, even after i lose the baby weight), and i want to surround myself with things that reflect the person i am today. even here in the wishstudio, a fresh take on this creative space has shifted my vision and clarified my direction a lot. it really shows what is important to me today: community, creativity, motherhood. decluttering gives us the opportunity to reassess not only the concrete things in our daily lives, but also the more abstract thoughts and feelings we carrying around with us. some of these can be clutter too, like old grudges and ill fitting ideals from the past. it is good to look at these and clear them away as well. someone recently said that one o