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releasing clutter: letting go to find yourself

this topic is near and dear to me right now as i make room for a new addition to our family. deciding what i really need and what really is resonating with me right now, pushes me to think about who i am in this present moment. so much of my clutter represents a past that is no longer relevant (like my size 7 jeans – okay, even after i lose the baby weight), and i want to surround myself with things that reflect the person i am today. even here in the wishstudio, a fresh take on this creative space has shifted my vision and clarified my direction a lot. it really shows what is important to me today: community, creativity, motherhood.

decluttering gives us the opportunity to reassess not only the concrete things in our daily lives, but also the more abstract thoughts and feelings we carrying around with us. some of these can be clutter too, like old grudges and ill fitting ideals from the past. it is good to look at these and clear them away as well. someone recently said that one of the bravest things we can do is leave the past behind and move forward into the future! this is so true.

while this doesn’t necessarily mean to throw away your old wedding video (even though it is probably still on vhs and collecting dust – maybe clean it off and think about getting it converted to digital for your next anniversary :), preserving memories that are a distinct part of you is one thing. it does mean though, that maybe it’s time to part with that not-really-your-style glass bowl your aunt sally gave you or the sweater your mom bought you that still has the tags on it. the obligation you feel to keep these things is part of the clutter too! set some of these things free (someone else will probably love them!) and you will start feeling lighter already.

for some of us, the letting go is harder than others. i myself, love to clear and purge. it really makes me happy, but if you are one of those people who agonize over whether or not to save every little thing, think again to the present moment and whether it is something that makes your heart sing and speaks to who you are today. if you’re not sure and are thinking you might be better off stashing it in a box in your basement “just in case”, it is time to let it go.

remember… clearing away the old opens up the possibility to everything that is new and waiting for you!