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catching inspiration on a napkin

there is something really magical about sitting in a cozy cafe or restaurant with your favorite drink and the din of life swirling all around you. it often inspires a whir of creative thoughts, and your napkin then becomes a perfect mini canvas… for writing down thoughts, for sketching a little art, or for mapping out a business plan. napkins are the perfect size to capture that initial spark. so many amazing ideas, inventions, and creative works were born on a napkin (didn’t jk rowling muse about early ideas for harry potter on a napkin?).  capturing your ideas this way honors the romantic notion of the creative moment… that instant when you have such a shining inspiration, you have to get it down on paper before it flies out of your head. the spontaneity of this moment is what makes it so perfectly juicy. it conjurs up images of an artist sketching intently in a swanky cafe, or of two businessmen talking in a bar animatedly about an new idea over beer and pretzels. one of the c

into(wish)n creativity circle

madelyn, jill,  nina ,  deb , and  kat  with their mixed media dream boards last night’s first intu{wish}n creativity circle was a happy success! the evening was a perfect blend of new and old friends, dreaming and creating, getting messy and sharing life. i love that about being around other creative women… there is always so much sharing. and not just about the art we might happen to be making but there is always a gracious abundance of offered resources, stories, laughter, and support. the process of making things is always something i love to explore – how it connects us to ourselves and how it connects us to others. i think that is always so fascinating! there is so much richness to discover both within our own hearts as well as withing the dynamic kindred community of creative women. these connections and this kind of sharing is what truly inspires me and i was so grateful to have this time with these amazing women last night – thank you! hope you will come and join us f

happy father's day

Ramblings from the husband of a crafty wife and dad of the two best kids in my world by alex tsonas I must say that I am truly amazed that Mindy can do this blogging with such regularity and creativity.  I have been agonizing over this one little entry for the past two weeks – what do I say, how do I say it, what will others think – it has been pretty daunting.  I often take her posts for granted – I read them and am touched by the things she writes – but I never really thought what it takes to do it.  After this blog I have a whole new appreciation for what she is able to do on a daily basis and how many people she inspires. I live in a crafty and emotive household.  I think the two often go hand in hand.  Things are being made, blogs being posted, projects in the works and gifts being sent to us from other crafty souls.  Mindy whips up these amazing things – mixed medium art, cards, gifts, projects.  My oldest son’s second favorite color (next to pink) is Tiffany blue.  Tiff

summer's here

photo by my budding little photog are you ready? to dig your toes into the sand slurp up juicy rainbow colored popcicles loosen up your schedule catch fireflies stay up a little later sip ice cold riesling garnished with fresh berries take siestas in the hammock collect seashells and sea glass watch your garden come to life go to pool parties and cookouts hit the boulevard for arcade games, photo booths and fried dough pack picnic yummy lunches go for bike rides hit the farmers market don your fab new sunglasses paint your toe nails neon pink make gazpacho instead of chili read something juicy and fun play your music loudly lounge more work less? i am too ;)

one life, two worlds

i am working hard these days to integrate my online life with my “real” life. i really don’t like using that word “real” when it comes to talking about my life off the computer screen because the things i share here in the virtual relm are as real as can be. yes, there is a creative filter to what i share online, but i think oftentimes that filter distills my life to represent me in an even truer more honest light than what people get to see of me in my everyday encounters. i think because of the support of my community here online, it’s easy to share and to put myself out there. it’s what we do… share, inspire, support. it’s automatic. it’s a little more intimidating to connect this way with my neighbors, the moms of my children’s friends, and the local community right outside my doorstep. there is no built-in creative/supportive filter. it’s intimidating it think, because like most people, i want to be understood and accepted and out in the “real” world it’s a little trickier to