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catching inspiration on a napkin

there is something really magical about sitting in a cozy cafe or restaurant with your favorite drink and the din of life swirling all around you. it often inspires a whir of creative thoughts, and your napkin then becomes a perfect mini canvas… for writing down thoughts, for sketching a little art, or for mapping out a business plan. napkins are the perfect size to capture that initial spark. so many amazing ideas, inventions, and creative works were born on a napkin (didn’t jk rowling muse about early ideas for harry potter on a napkin?). 

capturing your ideas this way honors the romantic notion of the creative moment… that instant when you have such a shining inspiration, you have to get it down on paper before it flies out of your head. the spontaneity of this moment is what makes it so perfectly juicy. it conjurs up images of an artist sketching intently in a swanky cafe, or of two businessmen talking in a bar animatedly about an new idea over beer and pretzels. one of the coolest creative experiences i have ever seen was a napkin poetry session with the band jim’s big ego. everyone in the audience jotted down a few words onto a napkin and somehow the band weaved these into an actual song… really fun and amazing! there is even a napkin doodle contest at this little restaurtant in san francisco.

whatever your inspiration, be ready to capture whatever creativity spills onto your napkin. sometimes it’s all it takes to get your idea off and flying!