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into(wish)n creativity circle

madelyn, jill, ninadeb, and kat with their mixed media dream boards

last night’s first intu{wish}n creativity circle was a happy success! the evening was a perfect blend of new and old friends, dreaming and creating, getting messy and sharing life. i love that about being around other creative women… there is always so much sharing. and not just about the art we might happen to be making but there is always a gracious abundance of offered resources, stories, laughter, and support.

the process of making things is always something i love to explore – how it connects us to ourselves and how it connects us to others. i think that is always so fascinating! there is so much richness to discover both within our own hearts as well as withing the dynamic kindred community of creative women. these connections and this kind of sharing is what truly inspires me and i was so grateful to have this time with these amazing women last night – thank you!

hope you will come and join us for our next creativity circle on on july 16th! you never know what might unfold ;)