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one life, two worlds

i am working hard these days to integrate my online life with my “real” life.

i really don’t like using that word “real” when it comes to talking about my life off the computer screen because the things i share here in the virtual relm are as real as can be. yes, there is a creative filter to what i share online, but i think oftentimes that filter distills my life to represent me in an even truer more honest light than what people get to see of me in my everyday encounters.

i think because of the support of my community here online, it’s easy to share and to put myself out there. it’s what we do… share, inspire, support. it’s automatic. it’s a little more intimidating to connect this way with my neighbors, the moms of my children’s friends, and the local community right outside my doorstep. there is no built-in creative/supportive filter.

it’s intimidating it think, because like most people, i want to be understood and accepted and out in the “real” world it’s a little trickier to be so open and soul-baring. but i am learning more and more that i can move beyond this and simply Be. acceptance is feeling less and less imortant, and just being myself and offering up what i have to share seems to be where my life is taking me. i think part of it is judging myself less (honestly, thinking that others are sizing me up is really about my own insecurity), and part of it is really being the person that i represent myself to be online – owning who i am 100% with no apologies wherever i am. this is a work in progress.

i’ve heard those stories about online personalities who we admire and adore are, at times, not really who you expect them to be when you meet them in person. that is truly unfortunate. i do not want to be one of those people. ever. so i think carefully about what i put out there virtually and make sure that i can back it up with honest and good intention.

most recently i’ve been reaching out, talking to creative women i admire locally, planning collaborations and hoping to integrate more fully my online life and my life here in this beautiful community (there really is so much here to be a part of!). it’s been a natural progression really, as this space has given me the opportunity to grow my voice and find my center. i am so grateful to all of you for supporting me and helping me along the way!

do any of you struggle with this?

how do you integrate the two?