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an american dreamer

on september 8, 1976 senator edward m. kennedy wrote me this letter. i was just 4 years old and had just received my american citizenship in boston. of course then i had no idea what this really meant, but today i am especially touched and in awe of how i was brought to this country through adoption for a chance of a better life.  for years and years this letter has been tucked away in an ancient photo album sandwiched between old family polaroids and portraits, and on this occasion of senetor kennedy’s passing i remembered how his words have been a beacon of hope and possibility on my own journey. “I proudly welcome you as a fellow American and extend to you my best wishes for a happy and rewarding life in our great country.” how inspiring! reading this now gives me goosebumps and a great sense of gratitude… gratitude for having been given my own slice of the collective american dream.  so in this small way i wanted to honor him by reminding you, no matter what country you liv