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i love the change of the seasons, especially the turn of summer to fall. it always feels like the beginning of a new year and fills me with energy and life. it makes me want to create, gather, cook, wander among the colorbursting trees, sit and read, and sip hot drinks. there is a coziness that is distinctly autumn. it’s in the snuggle of warmer clothes, but also somehow in the cooler air as well. it’s a feeling of pulling in; that last burst of everything before the dormancy of winter sets in. it is my favorite time of year. here are a few suggestions to help keep you inspired this season: * make a fall suncatcher (with kids or not): collect beautiful colored leaves, sprinkle with crayon shavings, and iron them between waxed paper. * take the fall mondo beyondo ecourse . registration has been reopened for a few more participants! * listen to some new music. my current fav is creating my own station at pandora radio. if you don’t already know about this, go check it out! it’s amazing

creative connections

creative play workshop hosted by leah piken kolidas and jennifer lee it is such an increadible experience to to be surrounded by the creative energy of like-minded souls… the inspiration, the playfulness, the shared passion for living a unique, juicy, fullfilling life. our creativity can often be very solitary (which honestly, in many ways i love), but the flip-side of that is a strong desire for community. whether it is here in the wishstudio or out in the world chasing our creative dreams, forging kindred connections is so important. it supports us, validates us, inspires us and makes anything seem possible. i had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with many artful lovelies over the past weekend. an afternoon spent collaging with leah and jenn’s fabulous workshop group (hello everyone!), and then an evening at squam where i soaked in all the deliciousness of my creative tribe. i can’t even begin to tell you what a magical experience that was! many of you i was meeting for t