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creative connections

creative play workshop hosted by leah piken kolidas and jennifer lee

it is such an increadible experience to to be surrounded by the creative energy of like-minded souls… the inspiration, the playfulness, the shared passion for living a unique, juicy, fullfilling life. our creativity can often be very solitary (which honestly, in many ways i love), but the flip-side of that is a strong desire for community. whether it is here in the wishstudio or out in the world chasing our creative dreams, forging kindred connections is so important. it supports us, validates us, inspires us and makes anything seem possible.

i had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with many artful lovelies over the past weekend. an afternoon spent collaging with leah and jenn’s fabulous workshop group (hello everyone!), and then an evening at squam where i soaked in all the deliciousness of my creative tribe. i can’t even begin to tell you what a magical experience that was!

many of you i was meeting for the first time face to face. and even though i’ve been following your blogs or art for years or have collaborated with you virtually, it was like we’ve known each other all along, and i love that. in denise’s lovely words to me, “it’s seamless…” and dreamy. kindred indeed.

i’m looking forward over the coming months to continue growing this community and getting to know You. it really makes my heart soar to see all of you gathering here and sharing your inspiration with one another. i have some exciting wishstudio projects in the works that will offer you new and fun ways to stay connected, collaborate creatively, and fill your well with yummy goodness.

so get comfy and stay a while, and i would love to hear from you since it’s You who makes the wishstudio such an inspiring place… what are your creatvie dreams? how are you connecting to community? what else would you like to see in the wishstudio? do you have something to share (i bet you do)?

tell me… and we can sip some tea, laugh, and wish and dream together!