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i love the change of the seasons, especially the turn of summer to fall. it always feels like the beginning of a new year and fills me with energy and life. it makes me want to create, gather, cook, wander among the colorbursting trees, sit and read, and sip hot drinks. there is a coziness that is distinctly autumn. it’s in the snuggle of warmer clothes, but also somehow in the cooler air as well. it’s a feeling of pulling in; that last burst of everything before the dormancy of winter sets in. it is my favorite time of year.

here are a few suggestions to help keep you inspired this season:

* make a fall suncatcher (with kids or not): collect beautiful colored leaves, sprinkle with crayon shavings, and iron them between waxed paper.

* take the fall mondo beyondo ecourse. registration has been reopened for a few more participants!

* listen to some new music. my current fav is creating my own station at pandora radio. if you don’t already know about this, go check it out! it’s amazing.

* get outside! pick apples. go on a hayride. visit a local vinyard. go letterboxing. wander the now quiet beaches. photograph nature. have a picnic.

* start holiday projects now. it’s not too early to start planning your holiday cards and gift giving ideas, especially if they will be handmade.

* wear color. this season begs for full-on hues…wear jewel tones and rich earthy brights to compliment your basic black and brown.

* make alicia paulson’s chili lobo. it’s one of my favorite go-to dishes and i loved that is inspired by her beloved dad.

*spend time reading. turn off the t.v. at night (you can always tivo your favorites) and get into a really great book. find a local book club to join, or start one of your own!

* try something new… now that your kiddos are back in school, it’s a great time to you to do some learning yourself!

* reflect, and also look ahead. you’ve come so far in this past year. celebrate all that you have experienced and accomplished, then embrace these last few months to give life to a few more of your dreams!

have a beautifully creative and live-out-loud season!