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filling the well

welcome to the first of the wishstudio’s filling the well… a series of community inspiration posts designed to share little bits of your inspired life! as creative souls our search for inspiration is ongoing and unending, and often overflows into all the different areas of our lives. let’s take some time to explore, exchange ideas, and recognize just how uniquely inspiring we all are. these little prompts will enable you to offer up some of your own juiciness, as well as serve as a deep well of inspiration to always draw from. i really encourage you to share. you’ll be glad you did. to begin, let’s talk about getting messy and creative in general. since creativity is the cornerstone of most of our lives, how do you make time to create? do you have a space carved out for your creativity, or do you create wherever and whenever you can? share your thoughts and photos of your sacred creative time, and link your post here to share with our community… go! my creative time is very unstructure

the Necklace Project begins

i am so excited to announce this upcoming collaborative project that will launch in november! it is inspired by a handful of projects that embrace sisterhood , offer artful opportunities , create beautiful connections , as well as meaningful experiences . the necklace project will be the creation of a collaborative art piece, as well as an ongoing journey of the inspiration and experiences of each wearer along the way. we will follow each link as it is created and watch as a unique story and community unfulrs in it’s wake. this is all about bringing people together, making something beautiful and meaningful, and having the opportunity to embrace a unique experience that might change your perspective in surprising ways. this is about creating transcendence. for the project (in a nutshell), each person will create a charm to add to one of the links on the necklace – i will be creating the first one. you do not have to be a fancy jewelery designer, just have the desire and creativity

the gifts of true friendship

are there women in your life that you feel especially drawn to, that there is something about the quality of who they are that makes you always want to be a part of thier world? do you ever wonder what those qualities might be? here are some beautiful examples of the kind of women you want to have in your circle (and probably already do). it’s the kind of woman we all srtive to be! 1. they always see your strengths ~ and they always make you proud to be yourself because they tell you why you are so special. they don’t focus on your limitations and they are always one of your biggest cheerleaders! 2. they trust you completely ~ to be thier confidant, to hold thier secrets, to listen to thier dreams, to not judge them, and to always tell the (gentle) truth. in turn, you can completely trust them, and feel cared for and safe inside the nest of your friendship together. 3. they respect you ~ as well as your point of view and choices, even if they are different than thier own. they are a