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filling the well

welcome to the first of the wishstudio’s filling the well… a series of community inspiration posts designed to share little bits of your inspired life! as creative souls our search for inspiration is ongoing and unending, and often overflows into all the different areas of our lives. let’s take some time to explore, exchange ideas, and recognize just how uniquely inspiring we all are. these little prompts will enable you to offer up some of your own juiciness, as well as serve as a deep well of inspiration to always draw from. i really encourage you to share. you’ll be glad you did.

to begin, let’s talk about getting messy and creative in general. since creativity is the cornerstone of most of our lives, how do you make time to create? do you have a space carved out for your creativity, or do you create wherever and whenever you can? share your thoughts and photos of your sacred creative time, and link your post here to share with our community… go!

my creative time is very unstructured. at the whim of two young children, i am constanly squeezing in creativity in between feedings, homework, and bedtime stories. often times my littlest one is cozied up in my studio watching me work and singing to the soft music.

most of my creative time goes to running things here in the wishstudio… connecting with you, dreaming up new ideas, keeping things moving behind the scenes. i do still try to find time to do my own crafty projects, blog on my personal site, and create a little art when i feel inspired. that is someting i want to devote more time to, and what i find the hardest time to carve out for myself. i am working on that one though, as i find i really do enjoy (and even need) the process of getting messy and creating just for fun.

for me, creativity lives in all the facets of my life, so if i am not in my studio making connections or art, i am still immersed in creative living all the time. it is the air i breath!

how about you?