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the Necklace Project begins

i am so excited to announce this upcoming collaborative project that will launch in november! it is inspired by a handful of projects that embrace sisterhood, offer artful opportunities, create beautiful connections, as well as meaningful experiences.

the necklace project will be the creation of a collaborative art piece, as well as an ongoing journey of the inspiration and experiences of each wearer along the way. we will follow each link as it is created and watch as a unique story and community unfulrs in it’s wake.

this is all about bringing people together, making something beautiful and meaningful, and having the opportunity to embrace a unique experience that might change your perspective in surprising ways.

this is about creating transcendence.

for the project (in a nutshell), each person will create a charm to add to one of the links on the necklace – i will be creating the first one. you do not have to be a fancy jewelery designer, just have the desire and creativity to add a little piece of You to the necklace, whatever that might be! once your link has been added, you will wear the necklace and then share your thoughts and photos in a post here in the wishstudio. the project will go on until the necklace is full of your stories and art!

if you think you might like to become a link in the necklace project, leave a comment here as well as sending me your contact information via email. before the project launches next month, i will get in touch with you and send you all the details in full.

spread the word in your creative circle! i hope you will join me on this journey…xo