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get cozy

It’s been so cold and i’ve been feeling a bit depleted and in need of some simple TLC (tender love and creativity!), so here are a few tips to replenish your well and keep the soul fires burning! happy feet . wear your warm and wooly striped socks (my favorite by  smartwool ) and take some cute footsie shots :) stack a colorful pile of blankets and vintage quilts  by your couch to grab and snuggle family and friends in have a tea party . make a huge pot of steaming tea, tea sandwiches and little treats then invite your favorite friends (teddies and tutus included!) treat yourself to a week of delivered groceries!  save time and money staying home (bet you save more by cutting out all the impulse buys than paying the delivery fee!) make a big pot of homemade soup.  really all you need is a broth base and whatever carb (beans are great), spices and veggies you like! easy, economical and fun to make. warm crusty bread is a must too have a planning day.  break out the calendar and planners

studio table : planner makeover

one of my favorite things about beginning a new year is cracking open a brand new planner! over the years i have tried every digital and paper planner on the planet (i’ve even tried creating my own planner from scratch) searching for just the right layout and tool. it seemed that whenever i love the pretty cover or the size, the interior pages weren’t laid out quite right. either the design was too structured with not enough to play and dream, or the design is just too simple and did not allow for room to compartmentalize all the different areas of my life. last spring i finally tried the  Planner Pad , and this baby changed my organizational life!  it’s funnel-down format is perfect for creative projects from idea to implementation, with lots of room to personalize it to fit the structure of your life. go check it out!  seriouosly. the one thing this planner does not have is a pretty cover.  so i wanted to devise a fun and easy way to make it look like Me, and this simple makeover is

the ghost tree

last night i was reading to my son, and in the story a woman and a girl were in a garden contemplating her  ghost tree . the tree was strewn with hundreds of bottles, all gently hanging and quietly clinking together in a way that was melancholy and sacred yet beautiful. the ghost tree and all those bottles represented the woman’s past regrets and mistakes… for each one over the years, a bottle was added. i got such a powerful image of this tree heavily laden and gleaming in the light, full of memories and heartache, but forgiveness too as it stood there bearing the burden for this woman. my son and i shared a thoughtful conversation about this, how we all have regret and mistakes in our past – tiny ones and big life changing ones. we all have ghost trees. “mine has about a zillion” i told him sheepishly. “no. your’s probably has about 50. mine has 50 too, and i’m only 7.” he said softly. i understood so tenderly how already at a young age he felt the weight of things he might have done

embracing discomfort

today i went to yoga after not having been in a very long time.  it felt incredibly good in all ways both physically, emotionally, and even experientially.  the energy was good and the sensations all spoke to me… “you belong here. this is good for you. welcome back.” while going through the practice i felt a deep sense of belonging, from the space, from the poses, from my body’s response, and from the teacher and the community as well.  even though it was challenging it was like coming back to center and reawakening a part of me i had been neglecting. at some point, i made the deeper connection that life is so often about finding and playing with that edge.  it is about how we manage discomfort in any given situation physically, mentally or both.  this is how we grow and transform, by finding our edge and breathing through it just like going through the poses in yoga. really, in every single moment there is a measure of discomfort always tempting us to avoid, turn away from or smother.

new year, new words

in 2007, christine kane initiated  a resolution revolution  and created the one word project to help people go gently and mindfully into the new year.  since then, so many of us have adopted this wonderful tradition as a new way of letting go of unrealistic expectations and a way to nurture and grow our lives with compassion and love. last year i chose the word NURTURE and 2010 seemed to immediately manifest itself around the energy of that word.  wishstudio was reincarnated and nurtured into a more dynamic and multifacited creative community, while at the same time filling my own life with realized hopes and dreams. it was a good word and an amazing year of abundance and growth! this year as i mulled over the words in my head i kept getting stuck in the words that were too wide and expansive… that were looking for more, when really i felt like what i need is to savor  what is .  2010 overflowed with the blossoms of many tiny seeds, and it was one of those pivotal years that every aspe