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studio table : planner makeover

one of my favorite things about beginning a new year is cracking open a brand new planner! over the years i have tried every digital and paper planner on the planet (i’ve even tried creating my own planner from scratch) searching for just the right layout and tool. it seemed that whenever i love the pretty cover or the size, the interior pages weren’t laid out quite right. either the design was too structured with not enough to play and dream, or the design is just too simple and did not allow for room to compartmentalize all the different areas of my life.

last spring i finally tried the Planner Pad, and this baby changed my organizational life!  it’s funnel-down format is perfect for creative projects from idea to implementation, with lots of room to personalize it to fit the structure of your life. go check it out! seriouosly.

the one thing this planner does not have is a pretty cover.  so i wanted to devise a fun and easy way to make it look like Me, and this simple makeover is what i came up with.  really you can use this for any planner or journal you want to redesign. it works like magic!

you will need:

your planner
1 sheet of plain white sticker paper
decorative scissors
your favorite collaging supplies
a glue stick
regualar scissors
your favorite matte or gloss medium
(optional: a corner round punch)

the steps are so simple! first, trim the sticker paper to fit  1/4 of an inch within the size of your planner cover. to decorate the left margin i trimmed off another 1/2 inch with decorative scissors (or trim to whatever size you need to cover the ugly writing or whatever is on the cover of your planner). next i used a corner rounder to round the two right side corners just for a better fit and cleaner look.

once your background paper is ready, you can collage away on top of it! use magazine clippings, postcards, vintage paper, or whatever else you have handy to make the cover really reflect you!  you could even decorate your cover to reflect the word you chose for your word of the year! have fun with it, and be sure to use plenty of glue! i used little bits from lots of goodies sent to me by wishstudio friends :) finally add a coat or two of finishing medium and let it dry.  you may need to add a new coat once or twice throughout the year if things start to peel.

when your cover is all done, all you have to do is peel the backing off the sticker paper and adhere it to the front of your planner like one giant personalized sticker! voilla!  so fun and easy. i love having the perfect planner and a beautiful cover.