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make the light just right for sin

It's not the beginning of the year, the start of a new month or even the top of the week, yet here I am beginning somewhere in the middle.  Beginnings are wily like that, tempting you into believing you need some exact time and circumstance to make a go of it.  I'm not falling for it and unceremoniously deciding to ignore the rule.

Really, I've been conceiving of this move to my own for a very long time, turning over in my head (and innumerable journal pages) how to best represent my work, life and passions with just the right mix of sugar and spice, piss and vinegar, all nicely shaken and served as an irresistibly yummy and unique cocktail.  Not easy. 

So I am setting up this new venue with very little props and lighting, just a bare spot and a subtle wash for mood.  Ah, the empty space feels so good!  Standing center stage is a big enough leap for me at the moment.  In fact, I had some moments thinking that just being Me somehow wasn't catchy enough and I hemmed and hawed over giving this blog some swanky byline.  I won't torture you with the details of what it took for me to conclude no subtitle, and that it was also time for me to finally leave Under A Pink Sky behind.  Oh, that blog will always be a part of me, a deeply ingrained and significant piece of my creative story and whenever I see a pink sky melting across the horizon I will surely pay homage.  I have learned, especially in recent days, that sacrificing a part of yourself in order to move forward is sometimes absolutely necessary, so this is the leap of faith I am embracing.  Then, as serendipity goes, I came across Leonie's insightful post of similar persuasion and I was convinced as i nodded yes, yes, yes to all of her words that it was time for me to begin inhabiting my own space. 

Here on these pages will be a mash-up of passionate missives, messy romps into the new misadventures of making more of my own art, stories spilled, experiences to encapsulate, and all the trimmings of a wild, mixed-media life laid out for those who are so inclined to feast.


  1. Wishing you the VERY best!! I LOVE Leonie's words. I think she's amazing!
    I have not read this book, but am hearing A LOT about it. I might have to check it out.

    XO + Smiles~ Jill

  2. Although I have a much different take on this *ehem*, "literature" I will no doubt read your shimmery words on your new blog... welcome to your new home. xoxo

  3. Jill... thanks, love!

    Lisa Marie... aw, so kind :)

    Kat... lol! such a warm welcome despite my yen for the wayward.


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