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waxing nostalgic for the old days (you know, before facebook)

 {May 2006}

I made toast this morning for breakfast, plain and simple, with butter and a little jam.  This always makes me think fondly of my mom, and then also of my grandmother who incidentally is turning 90 this summer and is healthier than most 40 year old's I know.  If that's not an endorsement for the daily simplicity of tea (because I'm happily a fully recovered coffee junkie) and toast, the magic combination of love and comfort I learned in my childhood, I don't know what is. 

I think I moved back to Blogger because I've been longing a little for the early blogging days, a simpler time.  There was a delicious languorous pace to things then, where you took the time to really delve into the writing and reading of blog posts, wandering for hours on end from one delicious link to the next, gathering and sharing delectable bits along the way.  There was no Inspiration Super Highway (otherwise known as Facebook) where the traffic is zooming by at such a treacherous pace you barely feel like you're up to speed or even noticed standing there on the median in your dayglo orange and waving your glittery sign at passers by trying not to get squashed.  What ever happened to the civility of lounging on one anothers virtual porches for hours at a time, sipping lemonade?  It's why I hosted the Great Summer Blog Read last year and plan to again this season.

They say the average read time on a site these days is two minutes, so if you are wordy or tend to have the nasty habit of actually completing your thoughts or stories in any detail, and if the page takes longer than ten seconds to load you've tragically lost your audience before the get go.  I even read somewhere that experts were predicting blogs would be obsolete in the near future as everyone is so apt to consume their information in tiny ADD induced servings.  God I hope not.  

My return to this platform marks the intention of recommitting to the craft and the joy of blogging, story telling, sharing with depth and heart, not simply drive-thru inspiration.  Somewhere in the last couple of years of Pink Sky, I lost the voice of my blog or it just all got too stagey and edited down.  Going back to roots is never a bad thing and simple, no fuss no muss, is very appealing right now.  Less hassle, less code, less PR, less visual and mental noise in the periphery is all a good thing. 

So come sit on my sunny, seaside porch, stay a while, and I'll surely show up on yours with homemade goodies and love.


  1. yes. i started heading down this languid path just over a year ago and it feels good. xo

  2. Whenever I make toast I think of my grandma, too... who also turns 90 this summer.

    1. they know all the little secrets of life, don't they?


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