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be like the dawning of a new day

Letting go, letting go, letting go.  It's always the way.

I stopped by the Wishstudio this morning to put up a long awaited update and post, and wouldn't you know, the site is down.  My Wishstudio email has also been acting wonky too (hmm... just occurred to me, probably connected).  Ugh!  So much for starting June off with things on the upswing.

I will not fret.  I am very good at fretting, and most likely would have fretted big time over this blip on the radar.  But it's a new day, a fresh page, a different perspective and so I'll take this as a sign from the universe to take a little more time easing into things (checked again, still down).

The weekend is upon us and there is a birthday to celebrate, a painting to finish and deliver, a biography project to wrap up (including a costume to make), a table to paint, a zillion errands to run, and a half day of school today to navigate - which by the way, can someone please tell me why oh why do we need a professional day with only 7 days of school left?

Off to CVS to pick up the prescription I forgot to get last night and the T-shirt for my son's tie-dye project today, of course at the eleventh hour.  No Mother of the Year Award today.  Someday I will have all the balls in the air with ease and grace (ok, who am I kidding?).   For now I will let go and ease into the day with the same beauty and light that I captured in the wee morning hours, before I realized all of the above mishaps. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. love you mind! you always amaze me----i think you juggle all those balls in the air pretty dang gracefully! have a beautiful weekend! <3

    1. you are truly too kind. peace and love to all the beans, big and small ;) xo

  2. "letting go" :) letting go of any little thing on my 'to do' list ~ I woke up today after a dream about having my child taken away from me - it felt so real, i think it happened in another lifetime. No wonder I kept my boys so close to me when they were young. What it must have been like for your birth mother to let you go? {hug} I love the comfort of small children and their things and projects.

    peace bubble lovelie, I am glad we finally got to meet. Hope to have tea soon.

    x tob

    1. what a powerful soul-memory. i never really thought of the perspective of my birth mother until i had kids of my own. an unimaginable journey for sure. thanks for the hugs! tea would be lovely.


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