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home is where you hang your he(art)

...more blurry photos. i think it's time for this girl to get a real bonafinde camera (and a pedi) but i loved this layered, chippy, mirror none the less...

It was a good weekend.  A big sigh of relief and some much needed family time.

Saturday was spent in the city, wandering the inner and outer landscape of my creative life, art, a little shopping in one of my favorite stores and Father's Day gifts to buy, and some writing and daydreaming as well.  I always feel rejuvenated after being amidst the hustle and bustle of Boston (or any city really).  The change of pace, the wild flow of ideas and inspiration of new environments and savvy forward thinkers and a peek at what is trending right now.  I hungrily soaked it all in and even scored a pair of vintage, leopard print Dr. Scholls (for just $5.49!) and a really cool locally made bracelet (by Headcase Press) using tiny letterpress fonts embedded into a charm.  Love it!  After a crazy week (unusually so), it was just what this weary soul needed.

Of course Sunday was all about the dads, and we celebrated the unparalleled paternal extraordinaire my husband most certainly is - lucky us.  Croissants, jam and homemade honey butter for breakfast, a trip to the park and the used book store for the kids, and a day visiting my dad around a table of delicious food my mom whipped up, enough to feed an army as usual.  I got to play around with dad's new Droid, swing on the sunny porch swing with my little guy, make smoothies for the gang and simply relax in a space of love and abundance.  I'm ever grateful to live near my parents and little moments like these, that sometimes seem so common, are really what make my life (and especially my kids' lives) extra special. 

Simple togetherness. 

My life has always been here, deeply rooted in family and held tight by a sleepy New England sensibility and down east seaside romance.   This is home.  It makes me wonder what makes others wander away from their home towns and next of kin, what people run away from or run towards, and if someday my own boys will fly from their nor'eastern nest.  Between you and me, I hope this will always be their home and that the love and abundance under this roof might be enough for dreams and babies and hearts to grow and multiply.  Seems so silly to ache for something that is so far off in the future, but I feel it every day as a mom and I can't help but wonder if what "home" is in the tiny moments of today might be manifesting what it will all mean to them later.  I remember growing up as a kid knowing I would never live far from family, for myself, for my children, and that was that.

Here I am.  And I am blessed.


  1. You are blessed, indeed! To still be living close to family ... I'm one of those that moved away at a young age and never had that fitting in feeling. It's been a very different world for me compared to my sisters and neices who stayed close together but some of us are just this way.
    So happy to hear about your lovely weekend and hope the whole week will be the same!

    1. i hope your week is lovely too. thanks you so much for sharing a little of your story too...xo


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