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know thyself

"As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness."  - Thoreau

It feels like March around the island (brrr), so it's hard to believe summer is right around the corner.  Four and a half school days left is proof in the pudding, and our last big project is all wrapped up (Henry David Thoreau presentation, a perfect foray into summer things, I think).  There is nothing like a kid in school to make you feel like time is just whipping by.  Yikes.

I keep forgetting that transitions are hard in this house and I imagine the upheaval within these four walls is very much due to the shift from school to vacation mode, not to mention the full moon.  My spidey senses always tingle in that way when the energy feels just this side of off kilter, and when I go look up the moon cycle of course it is the peek of the month.  Never fails.

I read a post yesterday about honoring our "knowing" and listening to our inner rhythms by taking responsibility for where we are both physically and emotionally, and doing what we need to do in response (hello, monthly reminder).  I know this, but it's a practice I fall off of over and over again until I realize that I've been banging my head against a brick wall that I can't push through (um, ouch) and have to just find another way that isn't so fruitless and painful.

When I read Karen's post it was so clear, more applause and Yes! moments, and less pushing and pulling.  Sometimes that seems all I do, push, push, push.  Not a parenting mode I am proud of.  Note to self:  go with the flow (say it with me...f.l.o.w...) and cheer-on in the process.  There's too much good stuff to get mired in the not-so-good. 

I'm making plans to head up for Stone Crop Gallery's Can You Hear Me Now? photo show on Saturday.  My piece sold but will be hanging with the rest of the show if you want to go take a peek.  I'm also toying with the idea of heading up to a certain lake for a smashing Art Fair and creative friends after the show.  I am heading north after all, and a day on the lake for a mini retreat sounds so appealing right about now.  Feeling Squammy anyone?


  1. hey! i have a wedding at 3p on saturday in lowell but i think i'm going to head up to the fair right after... text me and let me know if you decide to go so we can find each other and hang. xx


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