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the bounty

 {weekend visitor, the RMS Bounty}

I don't know why it took us so long to figure it out, but we finally have an air conditioner rigged in our bedroom despite the impossibly narrow windows.  After sweating it out, literally, for five summers, we now have the divine pleasure of cold, dry air for sleeping in this dreadful, muggy and hot weather.  All I can say is, hallelujah!  I must have been the Wicked Witch of the West in a former life, for several reasons maybe, but first and foremost because I melt.  Having this cold escape reminds me of the younger years when Alex and I used to tuck into our cold, dark cave, watch movies, eat hot and spicy takeout, and make love for hours on end, safely away from the world as it wilted outside our door.  Now, not so much hiding out as we can't leave the kids to their own devices yet, tempting as it is at times, but I did lay in the chilled air with my littlest one last night bopping around a big red balloon and giggling under the covers.  Sweetness of a different kind.

Yesterday, we all were recovering in our own way from a full-on weekend of family time.  Me, soaking in a bit of solitude and quietly getting back into my head and hands by painting and sewing, Alex off on the kayak and then his bike along with a rare nap on the couch, Owen downshifting and finding his own inner rhythm again, and Athen easily flowing with it all doodling with me, riding with dad, being silly with his big brother.  It was interesting to see the contrast of such busyness against the backdrop of the basic things that are this family's ground zero as we all naturally wound our way back to what brings us each contentment.

I am grateful for it all, the wild and wooly love, and the small and simple basics (especially the air conditioning ;)


  1. An a/c seems a little out of place on a ship like that. Still, I guess having an easy way to cool of on the high seas isn't a bad thing.


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