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creating more, producing less

Can we just talk about this weather for a sec?  The divine, sent from heaven, dry and sun-kissed breezes, the gorgeous sunshine and dappled blue skies, the cool and comfy perfect sleeping temps at night?  I want to weep with the sweetness of it.  Truly.  I can't even complain about the green heads arriving early this season.  Nope.  This is perfection on a stick.

So what have I been doing with myself in all of this perfect weather?  Admittedly, not much.  Writing some, organizing some, thinking and planning a bit, making lots of things with the kids and wandering, wandering slow and easy.  My days have taken on easy kind of jazz rhythm where most days feel like a Sunday morning. 

The to-do list has shrunk considerably and it seems most things lately are being served in digestible bight-sized portions, so I am feeling productive and proactive for the most part.  I think this slower pace suits me well and our lives are still busy and full with camp and birthdays and family and friends.  I still have ambition.  I still have a few special projects in the works.  Maybe the difference is that I feel more like I am creating and less like I am producing.  That tipping point is always a precariously fine line. 

So I am trying my best to note and bottle this formula for later use.  Less to-do's, more open-ended time for spontaneity, more doing (as opposed to thinking about doing), less mulling-over, and more time outside in this delicious weather certainly are all key ingredients to keep things humming and buzzing merrily along.