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good vibrations

Energy shifts are so fascinating.  One minute I'm slow and slogging through, and the next I am buzzing and light as a feather!  It's what creativty and possibility do to me.  After wandering around a bit at the gallery as taking in a fabulous figure drawing show hung clothesline style, buying the sweetest ceramic bird with a little poem tucked inside, then off to a secret hideaway where I hope to manifest some collective magic someday, I felt renewed.  Driving in the car earlier that day my son said the same thing, how one minute he was dreading having to read, then suddenly a positive re-frame (going on a Book Adventure, as opposed to doing homework) inspired his interest almost immediately.  He marveled at the wonder of his own ability to see things differently and how that changed his perspective completely.  Bravo, my sweet boy!  A lesson for the ages.

Spaces, people, and moments all hold energy like little pools of liquid light in infinite shades, and I am always amazed to find how they effect me.  Lately I have been pulled into the energy of spaciousness, of time and of physicality.  I find myself in quiet places and pockets of time that open up like like a wide-armed welcome where unexpected things blossom.  Sanctuary, studio, sisterhood, all whispering to my life right now.

I am off to DC next weekend to meet Sister Daria.  I'm trying to not have any expectations of what might unfold, but I have this sense that my time spent there will be very much like unwrapping a pile of gifts on Christmas morning, some moments discovered with joy and laughter and others with more uncertainty and even puzzlement, but all still gifts of wonder and grace.  I'm trying to decide how to capture it all, in a journal, in photos, in hi-def music video?  There is a small sense of urgency about it all, a fear of missing one grain of insight, wisdom or information that might spill forth because I feel so certain that this trip is meant to happen, similar to my trip to Arizona many years ago.  It makes me feel the need to create some kind of perfect container to hold it all, like the way I felt on my wedding day.  I have only watched that video twice in 14 years, the best moments unforgotten (note to self). 

I think my head and my heart will have to suffice for the most part.  I have faith that it will turn out as it is meant to.


  1. Our heart captures all of our precious moments. Safely holding them for us and remind us of them when we need it most. Soak in the moments when you are there and they will travel with you always. Looking forward to hearing all about it on your return and if you want some help making a music video count me in ;)

    1. lol! thank you sweet soul. i will for sure ;) xo


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