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study in pink

When I woke up this morning at the crack of dawn (literally), I peeked out my bedroom window and saw the pink light on fire to the east.  I thought for a moment that I should walk down to the beach and watch the dazzling spectacle the sun was making, but opted to flop back into bed.  After a few moments, the urge was too strong and I scrambled out of bed again, found my flip flops, grabbed my iphone and the chair and quietly headed out the door.

I have always wanted to photograph my favorite chair, a local vintage shop find, on the beach thinking how pretty and interesting it might look against a pale blue sky and the deep cerulean of the sea.  I've even vaguely pictured myself sitting in this chair with the ocean as a backdrop for a photo shoot as I have been meaning to get a professional head shot taken, another thing on the very long To-Do list.

As I walked up to the top of my street to the beach path across the street with the chair balanced on my head, I was inward giggling at how ridiculous I might look if an early rising neighbor peeked out the window to see me.  It is an odd inspiration I suppose, but the certainty of the matter had me inspired and happy as I took in the gorgeous morning light and the colors of everything bathed in the deep pink and blue, chasing the magenta sunrise with every step.

It only took me about ten minutes to take a long series of shots and the same amount of time for the pink sky to completely melt away, the horizon changing with every second.  Then, a little cloud of No See Em's finally chased me back home.


  1. How beautiful, I'm glad you were inspired to take your chair out to the beach. What a wonderful composition it makes. LOVELY

    1. i'm glad i did too. it was such a beautiful morning :)

  2. Mindy, I love this!

    IT. IS. SO. COOL!!!!!!!!


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