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the Ten of Cups

I'm in a sweet spot, happily floating in a swirl of warm water amidst the icy cold and refreshing waves.  I've worked hard to get here while at the same time having been so patient with my life it seems, trying to let things settle into place.

The space around me is quieter or maybe it's just a bit more streamlined.  Work is smaller and more focused and Owen is all about his dad these days, his veritable sidekick off on daily adventures together from dusk til dawn.  I know Alex is relishing this time and it makes me happy to watch these two in all their wild, boyish glory remembering not long ago those years that were all about the mama, and when I would say to Alex that his time was coming.  It is here, in full force. 

So most of the time it is me and my little one playing, wandering, giggling, which I truly love and am so grateful for.  The two of us surly know how to chase a little adventure!  He is still is very much all about the mama, but growing more independent by the second as evident by his decision to potty train himself.  I kid you not.  As much as I revel in the ridiculous ease of it all, it makes me feel a bit obsolete (in good humored way of course) as a mother.  Detachment parenting - a silly notion and a tongue-in-cheek joke that I heard recently on a podcast that totally cracked me up!  Ignore your kids and they will be fine.  That certainly is true, to some extent, of one little fishy who lives in this house.  It is a lesson I trip over repeatedly with my older Wild Thing.

The week is opening up to all manner of celebration and merriment, family and friend time, the upcoming holiday (please weather, keep us clear for the fireworks!), an art show opening, a 3 year old's birthday, and today it's off to the amusement park!

Happy Monday everyone.