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unexpected adventuring

We've been wandering around town, and hunting treasure at the local parks and beaches.  We been on little adventures at the children's museum and the boardwalk arcade.  We've slept in fluffy cloud like beds, had dinner under the covers, and swam in the sunlit pool and jacuzzi.  We've drawn Pokemon characters, stamped some inky collages, and colored in a rainbow of Poke Balls. We've thrown rocks off the dock, quarters into skee ball machines, and pennies into the fountain...

I have been trying to not think of it all as a consolation prize, a sad second to what we originally had planned, a family trip to Maine and a weekend in Washing DC I have been thinking about for months.  I have been trying to be supportive wife and a fun mom despite the state of affairs, a sick husband, and a father who has just begun six weeks of radiation treatment, and weather that just doesn't want to help my bid to keep the kids out of the house.  I have been trying to work with a toddler in my lap and another boy whirling around me.  I have been trying to hold onto little moments of happiness and trick myself into truly feeling joy...

I think it almost has worked.  I am grateful for the cool temps and the fresh air.  I am grateful for hot coffee and freshly picked, bright yellow black-eyed susans on our table.  I am grateful for fresh heirloom cherry tomatoes of all colors for dinner, and sweet summer sno cones by the shore.  I am grateful for seaside drives with contented sleeping children in the back, and watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics with kids tucked in snug beside me.  I am grateful for big sticky hugs and the silliness of little boys.  I am grateful for the new season of Project Runway in my queue, and a stack of books and magazines on my nightstand.  I am grateful for Yankee Homecoming downtown and the promise of a few more unexpected adventures today.

It's not what I expected, but then again, it never really ever is.