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wanting what you have

I was out looking for something to prop up two tables in the studio this morning.  I was about to pay $120 for shelves that could serve as legs for the table tops, but considering that I bought them both for only $40 (one of which is a beautiful butcher block counter top salvaged by Alex for free), I couldn't do it.  I love that saying, "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you have."  So true.  Ask anyone who knows me, it takes me a lot to part with my money unless it's going to transport me (books, technology), entertain me (art supplies, movies), or provide me with lasting memories (trips, gatherings, parties and the like).  I don't want a perfect Pottery Barn home.  Buying new and expensive clothes off the rack hardly ever appeals, unless it's a bag or maybe a pair of boots then all bets are off, and I would never pay more than $40 for a haircut mostly because my hair can't tell the difference and neither can I.

It's not that I'm cheap, as sadly I have consistent and unrequited expensive taste in most things always turning around price tags on items that make my heart flutter only to find ridiculous jaw-dropping numbers, but I just know what makes me happy.  A five thousand dollar couch is not it.  I love the thrill of finding things.  I love investing in experiences.  I love being able to turn nothing into something and using my magic powers to envision and manifest.  I often see things and think "I can find something else I like better." or "I can find that cheaper and with more character." or my favorite, "I can make that."  Yeah, we all know how that one usually goes.  My ratio of shopping time to buying time leans heavily to one side as I always have to see everything, imagine all the possibilities, and weigh all the options.  Most rounds end with leaving empty handed, much to my husbands chagrin, but usually with a head swimming with ideas.  That's surely worth the trip, right?

So it goes.  After a trip to Home Depot and the local big box stores, I'm back home puttering around to see if I can pull something together.  Surely I can figure out two useful/interesting/functional table bases, right?  I really did want to get the studio back in working order today.

Hmm...we shall see.


  1. I know this feeling well! I searched and searched for a studio desk at big box stores, ikea, etc. but in the end, I finally found a sweet desk at Goodwill for next to nothing that works beautifully, was easy on my wallet, pretty and "not new", which is just what I like. Have you thought about finding a pair of old filing cabinets (older ones tend to be stronger and better built)and use those for your base? The storage would be a bonus. I always stumble across them while out thrifting for next to nothing. Good luck!

    1. i love pretty and not new too! thrifting is one of my favorite things. i have a desk set on file cabinets and i love it. i'm thinking of bookshelves or maybe simple saw horse legs... thanks for the thoughts!

  2. I have a slight addiction to bookshelves! I have several of these in my studio (they are the smaller version of the larger expedit bookshelf)side by side & stacked. They are very sturdy and could probably hold up a top. They are new but a least they are relatively inexpensive ;)

  3. i certainly have the books to fill them... that's my addiction ;) thank you. xo


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