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wobbly birds

There are these funny birds that come to live on the island every summer and their favorite roosting spot is on the telephone wires right above the Plum Island bridge.  I have no idea what kind of birds they are, but they are large and awkward and look a bit like gangly ducks.  When the sun begins to set they all begin to line up, alighting in neat rows on the stretch of wires to stay for the duration of the night, as far as I can tell.  I have driven past them countless times, and every time I see them it strikes me how unnatural and wobbly they seem up there.

They sit upon their precarious perch and teeter back and forth on the line, adjusting their tails up and down in order to maintain balance and you almost think they are going to topple and fall.  I marvel at how they actually do stay aloft and wonder a bit befuddled why they just don't settle in on a nice solid roof or concrete wall.  Seems like careless and risky behavior to me (see the 4th one? he totally looks like he's going to fall).

I certainly know nothing of the roosting habits of birds, but I imagine there is a very good reason they set in this particular location season after season. I get it.  It's what they have to do.  It's somehow their natural imperative no matter how odd and imperfect it may seem to others.  And maybe just they think the vista across the sprawling marsh is quite as spectacular as I do.  I imagine from that vantage point it is truly sublime.  I understand.

I'm a wobbly bird too.