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kissed by Poseiden

We soothed the beast of transitioning back home with an afternoon by our local beach.  The plovers were making way for the tree swallows in the sanctuary, and the garnet sand and shell-strewn shore felt like an offering from Mother Nature herself.  A strange swath of clay was revealed right near the jetty and the kids happily dug and played in the sticky muck and made little beach sculptures and tide pools for their crabs and periwinkles.  The air was cool and delicious, almost as sweet as the rhythmic tide swirling and lapping at our feet.  It was just what this weary family of four needed to downshift out of vacation mode.  We stayed for hours there wandering, exploring and collecting, soothed and contented by the perfect mix of water and sand.  Mostly, we were wading back in to our life here at home as well as the end of summer and the hint of a new school year about to begin, stepping quietly into these last bittersweet days in between.


  1. what a perfect way to step back into the bitter sweetness of life xx


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