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lessons learned over 1766 miles

 {the Kissing Tower ride}

... i was reminded by my son after a near miss on the BIG roller coaster, that people (even small ones) simply want to be understood and seen.

... i saw that 90 ninety candles burn brightly with a beautiful life well lived, and 9 candles hold just as much magic and wonder just from different perspectives.

... i learned what happens 150 feet below ground, over millions of years and realized how little we really have hold of this earth.

... i witnessed the utter joy of simple things, swimming pools, cotton candy, twirling rides, hugs from family, digging for treasure, new places, familiar smiles, feeding ducks, and scenic drives.

... i felt the kinesthetic shift of simply being in another place, and how rejuvenating that can be (for us all).

... i realized how good I really feel drinking plenty of water and eating something green every day while eating on the go and not from my own refrigerator.

... i experienced the bitter sweet complexity of family togetherness and distance, and that love is enough to hold us all across miles and through years.

... i missed my mom and dad something aweful, who belonged with us on this trip (stupid cancer), and understood what real sacrifice and devotion is.

... i was soothed by Mother Nature and the gift of an hour round a secret little pond, surrounded by brave and hungry ducks and three delighted boys, all held under a wide and gentle sky.

... i was happy to learn that my excitement for heading home felt like a wonderful endorsement that I truly enjoy my life.

... i knew as the moments slipped by, that this would be one family adventure we would never ever forget and was grateful for the gift of each sweet memory made together.


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time! Giggling when i read of the something green to eat... this morning at breakfast, where we have a buffet of everything under the sun, two girls in their 20's, at the table next to me was eating lettuce for breakfast...

    happy memories to which you will come back to time after time xx

    1. they were really happy memories! and lettuce for breakfast may be too green for me ;) lol


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