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snippits from the day

hot coffee in my favorite mug time to write and plan a bit of mail to make and send an eleventh hour trip to the post office, just making it a napping boy in my car time to spare, so a stop at one of my favorite local shops an experimental sip (verdict: yummy!) gorgeous sunshine and cool breeze spicy tuna melts for lunch a new school year painting project: a big chalkboard wall two coats, and a game of scatagories in between a jaunt downtown to spend a couple of dragon dollars a shiny new gyroscope to bring home more organizing and clearing grouchy boys in the late afternoon a stella (or two, or three) a quiet moment in the studio to regroup and share twinkle lights, and slowing down, and the day melting away  chasing boys into bed reading in bed or a movie i've been meaning to see, but will fall asleep too soon mr. sandman send me a dream