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jan.17 {indelicate distractions}

I just woke up thinking it was Thursday and when I looked at the clock it was only 10:30pm, still Wednesday.  Could this day be any longer?

Thank you to all of you who wrote and texted me regarding yesterday's PSA (I guess that would be today's actually) with your love and support around the craziness that has descended on our lives - Alex can use all that he can get at this point.  I have no idea how he's even getting up and going to work everyday through all of this.  We are taking it one moment at a time.  I totally need a distraction form all the doom and gloom around here.

In the doctor's office last week, not to be confused with the visit earlier today to the same said doctor's office for the little one's now diagnosed flu- yeah, it's been a rough week - my oldest told me that I was like Dory from Finding Nemo because I have short term memory loss.  He was kind of kidding, as we were passing the time waiting for the pediatrician trying to decide who was most like what character in the movie, a clever trick that apparently had worked by decorating the room with big, happy Disney decals to distract us from the generally unpleasant things the place suggests.  I think I'm more like Marlin, but what do I know?  Where was I going with this?  I think somewhere in the vein of thinking that a little memory loss sounds pretty good about now (hmm, maybe he's right after all).  Oh right, distractions.

In the process of giving this blog a much needed infusion of new life extreme makeover style, I was halted by the aforementioned head-spinning turn of events.  I've decided to resume our regularly scheduled program despite all the serious business that's going down because a diversion seems like a good idea.  I need to think happy thoughts.

I was on the verge of the fun announcement that, for your viewing pleasure, I've decided I am going to post some juicy weekend creative writing.  In the spirit of giving you something fresh and fun for your creative brain to chew on, and also to support all the good quality smut that is out there by the talented writers and artists who dare to go there, I'd like to share some sexy tales.  This is a total experiment, so I'm not 100% sure where I'm going with this, but I do know as mentioned earlier it's something I want to shed a little light on.  And who knew there were so many steamy shops on Etsy?  Wait til you see! I'll be featuring art along with interesting topics of conversation as well as stories.

So, a fun name for these weekend dalliances is an order and hopefully I can get your help with that.  I'd love a smart, sassy, provocative acronym for the word SMUT to headline the features - like, Sexy Musings and Unabashed Tales - or something of that flavor.  Everything will be mostly M rated (I think) as I don't want to have to label this entire blog with an adult content warning, that's not really what this is about, but I'll surely give the requisite heads up before sending you head first into the deep end as I know little eyes might be around as well.

There you have it.  I hope it will be fun, eye-opening, and stirs up something unexpectedly yummy and new for you!  Maybe we'll even learn something along the way.

Thank god it's finally tomorrow.  A new day.  I'm off to bed to fight this germ that is trying to get the better of me.