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jan.18 {LOVE}

 {LOVE, mixed media on canvas board)

After a really tough week of influenza and hostile takeovers, I'm feeling really really grateful and connected to the little things.  I actually was working on a small gratitude photo journal on Tuesday (that got lost in the final process - ugh!) but the sentiments are still with me despite the dark clouds yet to clear.  So, on this sunny Friday I'll pay thanks to all the little bubbles of light that are keeping us afloat and for the LOVE that always surrounds us.  I am so, so grateful for...

Alex and his unwavering fortitude and those rallying around him : : clementines and cozy blankets : : the medicine and means to all get well : : abundant support from friends and family who have sent us so much TLC this week : : sunshine today and a long weekend ahead : : the flow of words and the strength of connections here in this space : : Project Runway and Charlie & Lola : : spicy hot and sour soup : : Instagram as sustenance : : the crazy warm day we got to spend on the dock : : a clear path despite uncertain outcomes : : butterscotch lifesavers : : feetie pajamas : : serious bravery : : feeling the real strength of our little family unit : : texts from my mom that end in love : : bottomless cups of lemon ginger tea : : hope and faith that no matter what happens we will find a soft place to land : :