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jan.2 {a new year}

It's time for a fresh start.

I'm ready to put the Christmas decorations away, and clean up the holiday clutter.  The light around the island has been beautiful these days and has inspired me to slowly wade back into this online world by snapping some sweet winter photos.  Gratitude for the moments is always a way back in.

I created this site way back when, right after my fall trip to Squam while I was still in the waxing flow of creativity.  It's been sitting here waiting for me until now, waiting for just the right time to become what it wants to be and so I have finally decided to return to my roots of one simple blog. 

A new year and a new home. Pretty I think, too.

It was a daunting 2012 for so many reasons, so this year I'm getting back to basics.  A smaller online presence (the Wishstudio facebook page will be gone in 14 days, so please friend me on my personal page to stay in touch!), a deeper focus on creative living and connecting, and a turn towards more sharing and storytelling, less on business administration.   In my physical space I am letting go of lots of stuff.  In my emotional space I am releasing old beliefs and expectations.  In this online space I am also shedding the unnecessary.  I'm smallering to make my life bigger... to make room for what there is to come. 

I'm looking forward to what 2013 will bring.  Here's to a beautiful year for all of us!