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jan.21 {inside + out, authentic style}

A few years ago I was asked to write a style profile, but I don't think I ever shared it with you.

I've been thinking a lot about this particular aspect of how we show up in the world, about feeling sexy and real and connected to one's self (in all ways), so I wanted play more with this idea because one, I really do have a girly inclination for clothing design, trends and fashion, and two, I'm learning more about what my style really says about who I am which seems to be becoming more and more integrated and true every day.  For me, the hardest part is in finding my place between being seen and wanting to blend in, and on a day to day basis this is totally reflected in what I wear.

So here is the updated edition of my style profile, and the beginning of a series on authentic style that I will be sharing with you - I have always loved being able to see into other artist's studios as it says so much about who they are, now I can't wait to peek into their wardrobes as well! 

Why do you think style is important?  I think personal style is another window to one’s soul.  It is a fun and playful way we can connect to our inner selves as well as express ourselves uniquely out in the world.  When you are wearing something that makes you feel good and truly reflects who you are, you feel more confident and empowered and alive!  My style is a bit eclectic, and I love clothes that tend to have both an edginess and femininity to them - a little Betesy Johnson, a little Free People, bohemian rock and roll.  This is also who I  am, feminine but also all about true, gritty girl power.

What are your secrets to authentic style?  My Authentic Style must be comfortable, washable - especially as a mom, easy to wear.  If it has to be ironed, I won’t buy it!  I am not the kind of girl who likes to spend a long time getting dressed, so I don't tend to wear anything tailored or fussy.  I find that I love to layer and this really helps me to create slightly different looks on the go... a funky skirt over skinny jeans or yoga pants, or a cute trendy jacket I can throw on over a comfy dress or tee allows me to move and grove with my day.  For me, accessories and conversation pieces are the key.  A big yummy bag (admittedly I have a bag obsession – love beautiful well made handbags!), fun shoes, interesting and colorful jewelry, or a great one-of-a-kind piece.  All of my basics are in the same color, black and gray which also helps me to easily coordinate and then add a pop of color in my layering and accessorizing.  I tend to buy less but invest more in the well made, unique items I love and that make me feel good.  My closet is very modest and my wardrobe is surprisingly small, but I can mix it up a million ways which is part of the fun too.
What are the items that you absolutely couldn’t live without?  I have to have my basic blacks – well made yoga pants and leggings, simple T’s and tanks to layer, and also a bag I love and that’s big enough to carry everything I need.  I was so happy when I was finally able to give up my diaper bag (yay!) and go back to something fun and stylish.

What are your newest obsessions?  It's so funny to me how influences from the 80's have been popping up lately and I usually buy one or two items simply to be current and a little trendy, like feather earrings or a the lacy sweatshirt I just picked up.  I also love fun over the knee socks and comfy thigh-highs with skirts because I won’t wear nylons - like, ever.  The upcycling and vintage trend has been fun too, as I love to thrift.  There are so many great things you can find gently used at a great price, and it feels really good to consume less.  It's also a nice way to justify spending a little more on that one special something when you find it.  I'd say only about half of my clothes are bought new.  Right now, Anthropologie is my favorite store to wander around and get style inspiration.

What are some of your authentic style secrets?