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jan.27 {stop being brave}

 {work in progress - Release}

This morning I looked up the definition of the word 'brave'.  I've been thinking about this word a lot as I use it and come across it so often.  What I'm thinking is that brave is beginning to lose it's power for me.  Part of it is because it is such a common word these days.  Everywhere we are being called to be brave with our lives, with our dreams, with our stories, and with our own sense of self, and for a long time it felt like the right sentiment.

What is missing for me in this word now is a sense of action, some position of power - brave suddenly feels passive, like sitting in a place where you have no control over what's in front of you bearing it out as best you can.  We are brave when we try something new.  We are brave when we face fear.  We are brave when we make ourselves vulnerable.   It means we are steeling ourselves against something that is happening to us, a negative feeling, or something we want to happen amidst waves of doubt.

Brave:  having or showing courage; making a fine show. excellent or splendid. 

For years I was in a place where I needed to be brave, where I was mostly unsure about where I was going and if I could get there.  Being brave helped me navigate the emotions that go along with digging deeply and pulling out all the pieces for people, including myself, to see.  Bravery happens amidst struggle and uncertainty, and this perspective is what I have been bumping into lately.  

I don't want to struggle anymore.  

I don't want to give up my power to the notion of needing to be brave, of being afraid in the first place.  I want to stand in a clearing, stake my claim and stop working so hard to carve a new path.  I want to simply be myself, here and now in the present, and give up the idea that I have to keep looking for the best version of myself somewhere out there, that I am not yet that person.  I am here, and I want to begin using my energy to be the person I am instead of trying to search for the person I 'might' be.  Does that make sense?  I want to be daring.

Daring:  venturesomely bold in action or thought.

There you have it.... Brave is reactive.  Daring is proactive.  Bravery is contraction.  Daring is expansion.  Of course there is a time and place where bravery is needed and bravery can be honorable and virtuous.  I'm not completely giving up on the notion, I just don't want that word to be at the center of my intentions any longer.  Doesn't that shift feel like a huge release and a giant exhale?  It's all making sense to me now and I feel the pieces falling into place.  Let's be daring together!