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jan.28 {energy play}

I used to think that old saying about the full moon was kind of an exaggeration.  It wasn't really until I started working at a group home for kids that I realized, for sure, that it was true.  Like clockwork the natives would be restless and howling, and low and behold the full moon would be beaming mischievously upon us with a full-on grin.

I am one of those people who is really effected as well.  I've noticed it more and more as I get older, partly because for a long time my moon cycle was always in tune with the waxing and waning of it's namesake and my own constitution is full of water as well (any other mercurial aquarians out there?).   I also live by the sea and see how the earth rhythmically stretches towards her as well.

I know I have said it before but it bears repeating (because it's a reminder I need in my own life. often.) - life is all about relationships, between people as well as all the inanimate things and abstract concepts that surround you.  How you move through these energetic connections can have a subtle but powerful effect on your world.  You know the saying, 'what you focus your energy on, grows'?  It's as simple and complex as that.  I feel that exchange of energy in my own life all the time from what I am creating, to what I am eating, to how I am navigating my relationship with my kids and husband etc.

Objects and ideas are simply conduits of this energy; love, books, art, hope, money, sex, power, the moon, even the way you decorate your space.  The energy of everything is always in play which is why I think Facebook can be so overwhelming - so much energy output in one space!  Over the past few years I have been learning a lot more about this both through observation and interaction.  I've taken some pretty interesting classes that have illustrated beautifully this energy transfer, and more and more I have become aware of how to shift my own energy for my own practical purposes and sanity.  I am very aware of it in my creative life as well as the creative flow is deeply rooted in ones own energy dynamic.  This is the 'flow' we all long to be attuned to, right?

Now, I am a curious and practical learner not really a deep diver into to a lot of metaphysical concepts, so what I know is purely based on my own experiences.  Really though, everything in this life is a metaphysical construct if youo think about it.  Action/reaction, expansion/contraction, yin/yang - call it what you like.  That's as heady as I like to get.

All this to say is it's really helpful to be aware of this energy on a very small scale - meta micromovements, people.  I am a huge fan of baby steps and easy no muss no fuss practices.  Take a second to feel the energy as you interact with your friends, as you post things online, as you cross the path of a stranger.  It's powerful stuff.  Sometimes I can shift it, but sometimes I have to just let it have it's way with me (that's the hardest thing to accept).  I know in my own life that there is always a push and pull, and the necessary space in-between.  Tension, direction and intent are always the influences.

So, are you standing in your power?  Resting your energy and letting go?  Being tugged along and resisting?

Who's really in control, that slice of chocolate cake or you?  I'll admit, the cake has some serious pull ;)