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jan.29 {like wine through water}

I have been in the studio a lot, more than usual, painting and sketching things that feel so good - just right, really.  In fact, last weekend I was at my table laying down some initial layers and color, listening to music and quietly drifting into the process when I started crying.  At first it took me by surprise and I was confused as to why I was getting teary because I hadn't even really been thinking about anything at all.  It was like I opened a doorway that I hadn't realized was there, feeling my way into a less guarded space by moving paint around.  The emotions tumbled out in an one soft, fluid rush.  I just kept painting through it without trying to understand or control it and let it move through me in one swell that was gone in a matter of minutes.    

Interestingly enough, I was working on a piece that I already knew would be called 'Release'.  The word and the image of wings were floating in my head, and before it all made it's way out onto the canvas I had already completely let go.  It was one of those crazybeautiful synergistic moments, now captured in paper and paint.  (you can see the finished painting, here)