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jan.30 {my january crush list}

Oh, January... you were mostly good to me after we finally got going, and I'm willing to let bygones be bygones (#worstfluever) since you did gift us with some pretty amazingly warm days.  Wish you could have been a lot kinder to Alex, but I'm hoping February will swoop in and love him up bigtime.  Here's a little list of things that made the days a bit more blissful as I wrap up this first kinda bumpy month of the new year:

1.  Blogger's new Dynamic Views templates and Southern Speaker for all of his awesome CSS know-how.

2.  My new Moleskine (I love you Planner Pad, but I think we are officially over, at least for this year).

3.  Connecting with some really amazing women who inspire me because they are bold and daring and 100% themselves and telling it like it is (I can't wait for you to read what these girls have to share)!

4.  Fresh, blank sketchpads for the kids that become a little creative anthology of the year.  A great way to wrangle their artful inclinations in one place (and I don't feel so bad throwing out the tons of loose papers that pile up).

5.  Digging around for conversations about the intersection of creativity and women's sexuality, and finding some really interesting things like FeminaPotens.

6.  Going from an iphone 3G to a 5... how did I ever live without that flip around camera?!?  It took me forever to decide, but I eventually drank the cool aid despite my apprehensions, and I am so glad I did.

7.  Exploring my feminist groove and sites like Hello Giggles (love their Inventory series!) XOJane, Feminist Frequency and the like.

8.  Getting ready for spring a little early and paying $7 and change for this yummy bag (and it's hot pink inside)!

9.  Kind words and cards from so many friends.  Your support and encouragement means the world to me!

10.  Reeves acrylic paints... seriously delicious colors and ridiculously cheap (got mine 2/$5 at ACMoore). Great for worry-free sharing with little ones.

11.  The Food Network channel because it's the one thing that's age appropriate for the whole fam, and I get ideas like shrimp scampi mashed potatoes and short rib chili (and it's kind of cute how Athen loves Giada too).

12.  These bright and very cool ideas (the clothesline gallery is my favorite)!

13.  Pink grapefruits, morning writing, snuggles under quilts, not taking myself so seriously, family dinners with the 4 of us together (sweet in it's own chaotic way), hot chocolate, really feeling in-it, ombre, temporary tattoos, fingers with paint on them, 'adventure' dates with the little one, hot soup, American Horror Story, taking funny selfies together, bare honesty, crazy warm days, surprise fresh baked cookies bought with love.