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feb.12 {just so you know...}

I am clearly straddling two worlds these days and the two do not overtly overlap - but they do in me, so I am trying to bring them together with some heart and humor, and a little bit of bad-assery.  I want to be creative and inspiring, but I also want to be the voice of real desire and female sensibility because that's not only who I am, it is what I believe in.

It doesn't seem like a popular mix, at least not out in the open, but the interesting thing is that all the posts I've written lately that address sexuality in any way are the most read posts on this blog (surprise!).  I'm certainly okay with that, in fact I am so happy that the topic resonates with so many of you, but I am also wondering why it is such a difficult conversation to have out loud.  I think I've always been the kind of person who doesn't like to skirt around things, and maybe that's why I feel okay going out on a limb a bit.  I've always been a risk taker and am fairly comfortable talking about the prickly things, but truthfully it still feels pretty vulnerable.  That is also how I know it is important to talk about.  Clearly it is striking a nerve. 

So I just wanted to tell all you dear readers, that those of you who have come this way to peruse the more risque posts (and really, I haven't gotten all that racy), there are so many of you!  You are in the majority so don't feel weird about it... maybe this will even inspire you to speak up. 

No one is alone in being curious about the passionate topics, and I am so glad!  It makes me feel less uncertain that I'm hitting a strange or sour note.  Honestly, for me to talk about these things in a community I have been a pretty big part of for quite a long time, I know is a risk.  It also pushes me a hair outside of my own comfort zone, which we all know is where the real juice is.  See?  The worlds aren't really that far apart after all.   

Just thought you might like to know.