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feb.13 {just be true}

{tote by jen lee}

What's really going on around here is that there's another round of colds starting to come through.  There are far too many cupcakes in this house (of the pink fairy, chocolate marshmallow, and cinnamon variety) and there is still more cake and candy to come.  School Valentine's are in the process of being tagged and signed, and I still have a few little special things to pick up for my Valentines (all three of them) and popcorn to buy for the 4th grade party.  I know my husband is going to love his - don't click, Alex - even though we're not supposed to exchange gifts as for some reason my birthday always seems to trump the holiday, but this was just too perfect, I couldn't resist.  There is still a ton of snow on the ground and I always worry about the kids at the bus stop, but the mild temps are melting it away which is really also a shame after all that blizzard hoopla, not to mention the cool fort the kids proudly built.  Mother Nature is having hot flashes.

Two paintings were finished yesterday, but I am sitting with them for just a while longer just to be sure.  I am looking forward to seeing them hang all together hopefully somewhere other than my hallway, but that would be okay too.  There's been way too much screen time around here (myself included) which is a blessing and a curse through these long winter months.  Trying to get the kids to do other things is almost like trying to get them to eat broccoli - they forget it's actually not that bad until we nudge them to try it.  Getting out of this house is key.  We are all looking forward to vacation next week, and hopefully by then Alex will have the still pending answers he needs about his school (but I'm not betting on it the way things have been going).

I've got a few fun surprises coming for this blog which I'm really excited to share (one super sexy, one super stylish, and one super scoop and story!), though I am also very happy to not be promoting or selling anything here these days.  It feels really good to be blogging for connecting and creativity's sake again and not primarily for work, so I'm going with that for now.  This quote really sums it up:

"Instead of thinking of blogging as an obligation and just another thing to check off my daily to-do-list, I now see it as the spark that propels me toward the lifestyle I want to embrace." ~ Amanda Wright, for Artful Blogging.

I'm back where I started 8 years ago (though much has changed).  I think I have come full circle.