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feb.15 {forty one truths}

1.  When I only have one wish, I always wish for the health and happiness of all my loved ones (because I worry about those things).
2.  I play Tetris to relax my brain and totally check out for a few.  And I'm really really good at it.
3.  On rare occasions I still smoke, and it makes me happy that I can whenever I want to and not worry about it becoming a habit. 
4.  I worry every day that I'm not a good enough mother.
5.  Even though I'm pretty outgoing and chatty, I have a really difficult time talking about myself in any way.
6.  I've written several anonymous blogs as experiments, and it was fun - but it's more fun being real.
7.  I was recently diagnosed with PMDD and I think it is finally an accurate assessment of my mood disorder (someday I will write more about this).
8.  Jealousy is a vice I struggle with often.
9.  I've kissed a girl more than once and consider my orientation to be heteroflexible, and my husband is bi which I knew when I married him.
10.  My favorite food, honestly, is a really good steak or cheeseburger.
11.  Hearts and love are my inner icons and have been since I was young, but I've only just now figured this out.
12.  I hate paying full price.  For anything.  Except maybe art or something handmade.
13.  Alex and I have gone to couples therapy for two stints during our marriage, and both times it was a tool that helped save our relationship and make it stronger.
14.  Driving in my car is totally meditative for me, so I drive around a lot even when I have no place to go.
15.  However strange, I'm afraid of frogs.  Live ones, that is.
16.  I've always wanted to see A Chorus Line on Broadway.
17.  My first pregnancy I had a miscarriage, and I truly believe he was the same soul that was born my second.
18.  I love living near the beach, but I really don't like sitting on the beach for very long because I get bored.
19.  On the Myers Briggs I'm an INFP.
20.  A friend and I once went to a swingers club out of curiosity, and it was pretty sex-negative and lame.
21.  Sometimes at night I hear noises and wake up my husband because I'm worried someone is trying to break in and get us.
22.  I'm really good at making a meal out of nothing, and my family thinks I could totally win Chopped.
23.  Ice cream is my least favorite dessert, and I really have to be in the mood for it to have it.
24.  I don't like vanilla.  Anything.
25.  Eating out and going to movies are both things I really enjoy doing alone sometimes.
26.  I have a highly sensitive sense of smell which sometimes gets in my way of doing things.
27.  I always imagined I would have a daughter, but I'm not at all sorry or sad that I didn't.
28.  I truly admire my parent's relationship with one another.
29.  There have been many many days and occasions that I have lost to depression, and sometimes I wish I could have some of them back.
30.  If it's salty, I probably love it:  pickles, capers, anchovies, salami, potato chips - yum.
31.  My freezer is almost always practically empty.
32.  I don't believe in owning good china (never registered for any) and my wine glasses are all plastic (since having kids).
33.  We've had Rousseau's Sleeping Gypsy hanging over the bed for 19 years because Alex believes it gives him good dreams.
34.  I'd much rather have an experience than a tangible thing.
35.  Creatively, I am much better at precision than intuitive flow but I am working to shift this into a more balanced dynamic.
36.  My spacial relations are very good which helps me to load the dishwasher and fill the fridge like nobody's business.
37.  I've pulled the thermometer on the light-bulb trick more than once in my youth - sorry mom and dad.
38.  Both of my husband's tattoos are designs that I drew for him.
39.  I never really had any ethnic food until I met Alex, and the first thing I tried was Thai.
40.  I'm designing an interesting website that happens to be of the adult variety, for a friend.
41.  Overall, I feel pretty darn lucky and grateful for all the blessings in my well lived/loved life!