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feb.17 {love your sacral chakra}

Someone recently told me that both creativity and sexuality are both influenced by the sacral chakra (the orange, and 2nd chakra).  This immediately struck a nerve for me because it is exactly where I have been feeling my life and energy has been focused lately, so I did a little research.  It doesn't surprise me that these both emanate from the same origin because I've felt that connection so strong on an intuitive level for a while now.  While poking around, I stumbled upon this Chakra Test (take it and let me know where you land - I'd be curious to know!), and lo and behold my sacral chakra is the most active of the seven (at 88%)!  My root chakra happens to be the lowest (-25%) and all the others for me are balanced and open - yay! - and these results totally make sense to me.

So what does this all mean?  Well, for me it means I need to watch my creative and sexual energy from getting too busy and loud to the point where I am distracted and less productive - but that's not really why I am sharing this with you.  Being someone who is not heavily reliant on any one prescribed philosophy, more a learner and observer of lots of beliefs in relation to my own life and experiences, I'm not trying to be at all dogmatic, I simply wanted to shed light on this discovery.  Everything I have been thinking about and writing about lately has to do with the relationship of this energy, and I've really been questioning why these two elements are so closely connected in me and why no one else seems to be talking about the sexual side of things, only the creative!  I thought maybe it was just me and my own idiosyncratic constitution.

Part of this is just an ah-ha! moment for me personally, but I'm also hoping that this information might be helpful to others in acknowledging sexuality as an important piece of the creative puzzle.  After all, it is something we often talk about... staying inspired and keeping the creative juices flowing - so maybe feeling creatively stuck or lackluster might mean that the sexual energy hasn't been tended to enough.  Lightbulb?  Anyone?

For me these two energies flow along the same river and now I understand a little better why.  I feel a bit sated knowing my thoughts aren't completely weird and random, especially feeling so compelled to touch on things that aren't all that comfortable for most people.  It then also makes wonder if being hyper focused on creativity drowns out desire, and is a way of not addressing the sexual side of things.  I am certainly no expert on any of this but it's all very interesting and a juicy little tidbit I wanted to share with you on this snowy Sunday morning.  And just another reason to paint and make love.