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feb.20 {i want to remember...}

I want to remember the way you feel in my arms, small yet solid wrapped tightly around with little limbs hugging, and a sweet smelling smile tucked snug into my neck.

I want to remember the light we found in this corner of the universe, surrounded by sea and steadiness and the four of us held together by the certainty of love.

I want to remember the stories we shared amidst a nest of blankets and how every word stitched our worlds together, as the two of us explored imaginary lands far far away.

I want to remember the freshly pressed smell, the weight in my hands, and the fluttering of pages with words and images staring back at me saying, "Yes, you were here, and you offered sparks that somehow caught fire."

I want to remember the thrill of a dream, the persistence of desire, and the way passion feels like a fearless elixir of holding tight and letting go.

I want to remember the path of kindness, all the open souls and their willingness to share which lit my way into the infinite tangle of my very own heart.

I want to remember the sting of your caress, the intensity of your touch, and the deep understanding that moved us beyond boundaries we didn't even know existed.

I want to remember the bridge of family and how one generation held onto the next with tradition and celebration and memories built by each and every one of us, one shared moment at a time.

I want to remember paint through my fingers, scribbling the words, and capturing an image, each creation a wish and a kiss blown out to the stars.