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feb.25 {faith & desire}

 {Faith & Desire ~ 16x20 mixed media on canvas}

I've had this phrase in my head as of late (originating from this Matt Nathenson song which I also can't seem to get out of my head), so it was apropos that it became the name of this painting I just finished yesterday.  Those words perfectly anchor me in this moment, right here and now: 


in my own hands which are feeling their way and reaching into new places every day, it seems.

in my creative voice coming through with a certainty that feels incredibly grounding after having dabbled in art and wandered around creatively my entire life.

in the emotional clarity I have been feeling lately.

in Love, that is surfacing in small and big ways in every direction.

in happiness.

in doors opening at just the right moment and revealing the next step no sooner then when I decide to step through.

in my own unique truth.


to be sure my boys know how much I love them, see them, and believe in who they are even as I stumble over my own imperfection as a mother.

to tumble into bliss over and over again in the deep safety and acceptance of my husbands arms.

to boldly taste, lusciously experience, and capture as much of this extraordinary life as possible.

to feel paint on my fingers and the joy of color and emotion being born onto pages, and to share that with the world for as long as I am able.

to be daring and unafraid.

to continue cracking open and unfolding with a wide-open heart.