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feb.4 {making love and art}

February always has me feeling really good.  Vacation is coming up.  There is Valentine's Day, which I know many think it's a silly Hallmark driven holiday but I love seeing Love around everywhere all decked out in pink and red.  I always volunteer to contribute to my son's classroom party every Valentines Day and it just adds to the festivity of it all.  Who can resist Conversation Hearts and love notes?  My birthday comes just after as well, which is pretty much a day for the kids to blow out the candles and eat cake but fun none the less.  Yes, I love you February.

I plan to spend a lot of this month just soaking up all the love and sharing all the juicy moments with family and friends.  I'm thinking of making valentines this year even.  Hmm... ideas are brewing.  My muse has been hanging out with all of us these days and there is crafting and making happening in this house everyday.  This makes my heart so happy, especially because it means one less hour of the kids playing Minecraft and they seem to be having a blast making messes along side me.  The little one always declares "Art tables get messy!" because I taught him to not worry about paint smears and spills in the studio, and I think he really loves that freedom.  I feel his joy in those moments.  My oldest wanted me to teach him to knit, but I am really a terrible and impatient knitter, so, no go.  Instead, I gave him the glue gun and has been gluing little boxes like nobody's business.  They kind of remind me of sailors valentine's, which is very apropos and are just so cute.  His wild creative abandon makes me feel less cranky about him totally ruining my cutting mat.  Cutting mats get messy, I suppose.

Here's to making more love and art!