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feb.8 {studio makeover, finally part 2}

I realized this week that I never shared Part 2 of my studio makeover.  Sometime between last August and December things finally came together.  Let me revise that actually, last fall the studio became storage for unused clutter during my creative fallow season, midway through the makeover process.  When the muse decided to finally show up again after the holidays, I cleaned up, organized, and made this sweet little space usable and fun.

The two work tables are where most of the magic happens, one boy or another usually painting or gluing beside me.  The big white, desk on the opposite wall (see above link) is a bit of crafty storage, my vintage typesetter's drawer (which I haggled down to $20 for!), my printer and where the laptop migrates to and from the dining room table, functional but not all that exciting. 

On the studio table I added extra storage by filling a tiered wire rack with different sized vintage jars - a fun way to catch little ephemera so you can actually see what you have!  I also added a salvaged window behind the wooden stamp trays for a whimsical little display.  I'm thinking of making that left side wall an inspiration board, but for now I am enjoying the mostly open white space.  I did lean the chalkboard I made last year against the wall behind the low studio table for random scribbling, but I do need a space to collect scraps of images and visual inspiration.  Maybe a clothesline will appear instead - who knows.  The big bulb lights, which I happened to have, I love because they add a nostalgic charm that fits in nicely and the ambient light they throw is perfect for the early evening studio time I sometimes squeeze in.  The unfinished walk-in closet stores my journals, supplies, and all sorts of crafty goodness including a separate little section for the kid's stuff.

The room is fairly small, but it's a happy, colorful, and inspiring space and we've been in there every day.  This weekend valentines will be made in here.  I'm kinda in love with it.