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mar. 29 {march crush list}

This is a compilation of good things from both February (since it zoomed by without me noticing) and March.  We had a ton of snow days and indoor time and this list reflects a bit of that cabin fever, filled with guilty pleasures and distractions.  I am so glad winter is over!

Musicals.  I saw Les Mis (loved it!) and the show Smash began, which has been fun to watch especially during the snowy, cold, blahs.

Liquid Silk - go for it girls!  It is the best (and we've tried a few, you know, just for educational purposes ;)  And if you're shy you can buy it online.

Target's mini-chalkboard labeled ceramic jars.  Perfect for whimsical organization, cool and cuteness and they had several colors and sizes.  I might have to get more.

The best opera cake from our favorite nut free bakery, Cakes for Occasions.  Hands down, the yummiest buttercream eva.

A good cosmo (especially, cucumber - trust me, try it!) ... falling in love with this drink all over again.

Laser tag!  For a first timer and totally skeptical as a girl with nonviolent sensibility it was amazingly fun.  Despite the fact I was the only mom in the game and finished last out of 31 kids, my son and I had a blast.

Nature mobiles.  Now that we've been getting out, the kids and I are collecting little bits of this and that to make into simple hanging mobiles for a little nature in their rooms.  We are alway picking up treasures anyway, so a creative way to put them to use.

Seeing Dar Williams in concert.  It was dreamy and inspiring!

Daring Greatly, by Brene Brown is totally rocking my world.  I'm only on chapter two, but the combination of intuitive wisdom and hard core research is baring such relevant truth on every page.

Loving learning about zines, their indie history, street style and progressive voice on every topic.  First hitting the scene in the 70's, these little publications are coming back in new and creative ways.

Yes, I have crossed over - loving Mac and Pinterest!